Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fostering fun on the family car trip

Fostering fun on the family car trip
By: Creative Play Muse
Spending a long time in the car with kids? Make it fun:
Despite the high price of gas, many American families will be taking roadtrips this summer.
Some parents dread this extended “car time” and use electronic entertainment to ward off children’s boredom.
Yet, many experts caution that nonstop use of electronic media reduces valuable time that can be better used to foster relationships and stimulate learning, particularly in the first six years.
In her book, “Everyday Creative Play,” Lisa R. Church suggests a few ways to engage kids on car trips that help them learn, teach them life skills and engage them with other family members.
Her list includes:
Tell a story: Someone starts out with the first line of a story and each person adds a line. This can be silly or scary (or not) and can last as long as the trip or as short as to the next rest stop.
Count cars: This game has many varieties. Look for and count cars by make, color or any other category you decide. You can also count dogs, cows, churches, nests on power poles, etc.
Measurement games: Which is bigger, an elephant or a hippo? Whose house is farthest away, Grammy’s or Uncle Paul’s? Talk about all the things we use measurement for and why.
What sort of games do play in the car with your kids (or grandkids)? 07/07/2008 Car trips can foster learning, fun

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Larissa said...

I love road trips and look forward to playing games with my kids. One of our favorites is we go through the alphabet and name as many objects starting with the letter. We generally do animals or food, but its a great way to get everyone in the car thinking.